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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 23, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> it's horrible. freezing, frigid. >> hillary clinton testifying before committees before the house and senate about what happened in the deadly assault in benghazi. >> to me it's personal. i put my arms around the wives left to raise their children. >> and if they don't pass the budget, they don't get paid. >> chaos on a texas college campus after gunfire erupted. >> all i heard was pow, pow, pow, pow. general allen has been freed of any wrongdoing. >> in a matter of seconds a little girl escapes death repeatedly. >> that racket is history. >> sloane stephens sends serena williams packing in australia.
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the plot thickens on what's known as be gate. >> she did not sing live. >> to which i respond to a bing star-spangled so what? >> and all that matters. >> we flat tell the other person. we're totally simpatico. >> on cbs this morning. >> i was asked to perform at the white house. >> what? >> no, no, no, not like that. at the white house. >> this must have been during the clinton administration. >> no. welcome to "cbs this morning." much of the nation is waking up to a fourth day of extreme cold. >> this will give you an idea how bad it is. this chicago fire left the building covered in ice. dean reynolds is in one of the chilliest parts of the country, minneapolis. dean, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. it has been a mild winter across the country up until now. last couple of days temperatures have dropped about 20 degrees below normal and that's cold even for those used to harsh winters. >> it's really cold. really, really cold. i've got two pants on, a jacket, and a sweater, so i'm cold. >> reporter: as the bitter freezing air tightens its grip on the midwest, folks are bundling up any way it can. >> i got everything on, gortex, boots, long johns. >> reporter: for a fourth straight day temperatures across the region are expected to plunge dangerously low. >> this is real bad, horrible. freezing, frigid. >> reporter: in minneapolis tuesday the mercury hovered well below zero. factor in windchill and it felt even worse. >> my toes are frozen. the ground's like a huge magnet sucking in the heat. >> reporter: the frigid air didn't stop this dog from
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venturing out into lake michigan in chicago where it had to be rescued. >> earlier they were forced onto the balcony. >> reporter: with such low temperatures frostbite can set in within minutes making cold snap even more dangerous for the homeless. >> the people you encounter, though, their lives are in danger in this weather, right? >> yes. >> reporter: he works for stevens human services in minneapolis. we rode along with him as he looked for anyone in need of warm shelter. >> is there ever a time when you say, look it's just too cold we can't go out? >> no. if our folks are outside, then we can go outside. >> reporter: now, this morning there is heavy lake-effect snow in both ohio and upper new york state. and while back here the temperature is about 7 degrees above zero, but it's not expected to go much higher, and
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these cold conditions are expected to persist into the weekend over much of the eastern half of the country. >> all right, dean. thank you for braving the cold for us in that report. also in minneapolis this morning meteorologist mike augustyniak of our cbs station wcco who says the northeast could get a nasty surprise at the end of this cold snap. >> good morning, charlie and norah. the coldest air has moved just to the east this morning. it's across the northeast after giving chicago its first subzero low yesterday in over 7 hundred days. we've now got single digits in detroit, pittsburgh, below zero in burlington. factor in the wind and it feels like 20 below there. 4 below in boston and 5 below in pittsburgh. the story is not much better for tomorrow. the overall weather pattern won't change with the cold stuff settled in the northeast and back in the midwest tomorrow as well. the jet stream, the storm highway is going to have to
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reconfigure until we get a warmup and by the weekend it could be happening. as that is happening there could be several inches of snow moving toward the mid-atlantic and toward boston. nothing like the snow and cold air that fell in the last couple of days. almost 2 feet in parts of new york and 6 to 8 inches in the western shores and lake superior. for now it's just cold. on capitol hill this morning republican leaders want to freeze lawmakers' salaries unless congress gets serious about budget cuts. it could be a key to the house vote today on the debt ceiling battle. nancy cortes is on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that vote is set to take place in the next couple hours. this is the week we thought the big fight over raising the debt ceiling was going to get under way.
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that's something senate democrats haven't managed to do since 2009. no budget, no pay. that is the message from the house republican leader. >> americans believe if you don't do your job, you shouldn't get paid. that's the basis for no budget, no pay. >> reporter: the bill they will be voting on today calls for a temporary suspension of the debt ceiling until mid-may, but it requires the house and senate to craft budgets by april while members' salaries will be held in escrow. paul ryan explains the strategy. >> in the house, democrats and republicans have been leading by offering budgets and offering alternatives. the senate hasn't even done that. all we're saying is let's get the senate in here to do that to see how we're going to figure out the problem not just try it. >> reporter: still it's a big change for republicans. they said they would demand 1 dollar in spending cuts.
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they changed course at the end of a retreat last week where there were repeated threats to shut down the government and allow a default has hurt the party's standing with voters. eight in ten americans want the debt creeling to be raised though 60% want to see it paired with spending cuts. the white house applauded the new gop position. >> the house republicans make a decision to back away from a brinkmanship that was very concerning to the market, to the business and to the people. >> reporter: democrats say they will pass a budget this year, that they planned to do so all along. and there are other spending fights coming up which is another reason, charlie, that house republicans felt comfortable over the debt ceiling for now. >> thank you. and one of secretary of state hillary clinton's final
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appearances before stepping down could be one of the most contentious. clinton is on capitol hill right now giving her long awaited testimony today about the attack that killed four americans. margaret brennan is on capitol hill this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and secretary clinton will face harsh questions. she was unable to make previously scheduled testimony due to illness. in her opening statement, clinton's voice cracked as she recalled receiving the bodies of the u.s. personnel killed in benghazi.
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clinton spoke about the progress made in fixing what investigators called saw stemmic failures, and drew a connection between the recent terror attack in al skwraeura and an assault. she'll also be pressed on whether there are connections between what happened in benghazi and the recent terror attack in algeria. now senate foreign relations committee john kerry will not take part in today's questioning. also in washington cbs political director john dickerson. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what impact could this have with the republicans wanting to know whelp what did she know, when did she know it? >> that's the big question firefighter president for president clinton -- excuse me secretary clinton if she some day wants to become president. if she has ambition for the presidency later, she has to answer these questions in a way that don't irritate the central
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irritation of republicans, which is the response from the administration has constantly been political, that nobody's gotten a straight story and that as developments have come out that have changed the response from the administration that because it was during the campaign season, that and the president and everyone else was answering in a political way, not a substantive way. underneath that, of course, is the substantive question. what did they know before it happened and were they asleep at the switch? >> another big story today is the debt ceiling and the house republicans' plan that they will plan. what do you think the republicans' strategy is? >> well, the republicans' strategy is to take some of the heat off of them. they looked at the situation, saw they would get an excessive amount of blame if there continued to be this fight over the debt limit, and so they said let's take some of the heat off of us.
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we have other fights we can engage in. we have some fights on crucial spending, too much spending in washington, and let's try to put some pressure on democrats. now we're talking that the democratic senate has not passed the budget in four years. now the democrats have lots of explanations for that, but one they have they didn't want to take on political fights in the democratic senate. so this allows republicans to put pressure -- democrats and the senate regular people out in the country why you can't pass a budget. isn't that a minimum job requirement. so that takes heat off the house republicans trying to put it on the democrats, gives them a little better position for the fights they're going to be in. >> you're not only the political director for cbs news but a writer. you said the president has decided accommodations didn't work and his only remaining option is to pulverize. some conservatives have jumped back at you. what do you say to the criticism that they're making, first of all? go ahead. >> well, yeah. there's been a strong reaction
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from some conservatives. they thought i was giving the president my personal advice and there was some pretty aggressive language in the piece. i wasn't trying to give advice. i was trying to highlight in a stark way what seems to be an impossible way to avoid the conclusion of this second term. we know the president wants to be transformational, not just bounce along. we know there's not much time before he's a lame duck. he's pick add controversial agenda for the second term and he's decided to write off instead of cajole and schmooze the gop. that's a conclusion they made in the white house. given all those facts, what does an ambitious president try to do? the only solution i could come up with is get aggressive. now he suggests that that's exactly what he's going to do. >> thanks, john. and the top u.s. general in afghanistan has been cleared of any misconduct in connection with the investigation of the general petraeus sex scandal.
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petraeus resigned as a cia director last fall after kelley said his mistress had been threatening her. they said they were slandered and harassed after their names were revealed. >> this morning american military are bringing french troops and equipment to fight north africa. they're fighting in northern mali. elizabeth palmer is there this morning. >> reporter: the military operation is an international effort and the pentagon is now saying its involvement could last another two weeks. on the main airfield in the capital bamako, a huge operation is under way. u.s. transport planes are critical. at this stage they are limited
7:14 am
in part of the effort, carrying more than a hundred tons of cargo they picked up in france. colonel kevin oliver is one of the commanders. >> primarily what you'll see is a lot of vehicles and then the french troops requirious to support those vehicles and drive them. >> reporter: the french operation is aimed at these fighters, financed by smuggling and kidnapping. over ten months they've conquered town and town. less than 300 miles from the capital, the french launched a series of air strikes, and this one captured by civilians on cell phones. now french ground troops along with malian soldiers are pushing back, reclaim their territory. their aim is to reclaim the towns and force them to retreat completely into mali's northern desert.
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we're on our way north now into the zone of military operations, but neither france nor the u.s. wants to get involved in an open-ended and what could be a very long complex process. there's a lot of pressure on neighboring african countries to save their military to help try to restabilize mali. for "cbs this morning," elizabeth palmer. and google reported growing profits yesterday. today apple may post its first drop in profits in a decade. rebecca jarvis is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> now we're hearing about profits. what's happening? >> well, first of all we should explain why people care about this story because anyone with retirement savings in the country probably owns apple. it's one of northeast widely held stocks out there. what's happening out there? a couple of things. first, the iphone 5, the new iphone, it's expensive to make for apple and fewer people, it
7:16 am
looks like, are buying it. so that's what we're going to be looking for in this report. what's going on with the new higher priced iphone and what can they tell us about the future because everything we've learned so far from apple is all the new products in the pipeline are renditions of earlier products. we haven't heard yet about this new blockbuster something along the lines of what it was before they ever were introduced into the market. >> it's also true they're getting much more competition from people like samsung and others. >> much more competition. and google, the samsung system has taken away the spot from the iphone both here in the u.s. and abroad overseas. time now to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. benjamin netanyahu will be able to remain in power. a strong showing by more moderate rivals may force him to include them in his new government. >> the "houston chronicle"
7:17 am
reports a suspect has been charged with a shooting at a community college, an argument escalated between two men when one pulled a handgun. he wounded the man and a maintenance worker. "the washington post" says new federal rules would severely restrict medical research on chimpanzees. it would send all 450 into retirement. "usa today" says existing home sales are expected to continue marching upward. last year's sales hit their highest level in nine years rising more than 5% in 2011. "wall street journal" says some countries are waking up to the problem of tired workers. they're investing in programs to help employees sleep better like sleep hygiene courses and melatonin regulating lighting. sleep deprivation costs u.s. companies more than $63 billion a year. >> we all want to know how to
7:18 am
sleep better, but i don't know what sleep hygiene courses are. all right. finally some big changes in our weather. the clouds have moved back onshore and, well, we could see a few showers headed around the bay area today. nothing too dramatic just yet. over san jose, you have plenty of clouds there but staying dry so far. i think as we head in toward the afternoon, we'll see a better chance of rain, some of it making its way up into the north bay now. temperatures cooler today, 50s and 60s. maybe more importantly, some showers today, but it opens the door now we could see more showers late in the weekend. ncer: this national weather report sponsored by neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair. visibly reduce wrinkles in just one week.
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cities and schools are putting cameras on buses catching everything passengers do and say. >> we're looking at your well being. >> we don't want the government starting to record all of our conversations everywhere in public. >> we'll go onboard this morning looking at the controversy over technology, safety, and privacy. ♪ for the land of the free ♪ >> and beyonce is accused of lip syncing at the inauguration. it's happened before. we'll show you who else has done on "cbs th inside the maverick coming up on "cbs this morning."
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ahead, we'll show you how surveillance on everyday americans is expanding. >> reporter: i'm mark strassmann. there are cameras on wheels like this bus. they watch whatever you do, listen to whatever you say. reporters call it safety but council voted this morning to hire bill bratton to consult t
7:25 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. get your get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. the oakland city council voted this morning to hire bill bratton to consult the police department. a nine hour meeting of city leaders says they will not use the "stop & frisk" program. a fire damaged a san francisco apartment building this morning starting with a couple of discarded christmas trees. flames from the trees spread along the outside of the building on oak street. it took an hour to put out. no injuries there. a san jose sharks setting a team record 6 goals in one period on the road. the sharks won at edmonton 6-3 last night spoiler that opener. their home opener for the sharks set to go tomorrow night against phoenix. traffic and weather coming up right after the break. stay right there.
7:26 am
good morning. just getting word of a new accident in the maze so traffic
7:27 am
is beginning to back up on westbound 80. still stacked up 20 minutes to get on the bridge, southbound 680 approaching treat boulevard in walnut creek an accident there blocking one lane. you can see it is stop and go from 242. >> winter is coming back. storm clouds rolling back onshore even some scattered light showers picked up early on. you can see the clouds thickening up outside right now. not a whole lot of moisture just yet and really not the biggest storm we have seen but our cbs 5 high-def doppler radar has been tracking some of the raindrops out there most of that located in parts of the north bay. i think as we head toward the afternoon a chance of more widespread showers temperatures only in the 50s and low 60s. it opens the door to chance of showers early tomorrow morning maybe more showers over the weekend.
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7:29 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." along for the ride. they're watching listening, and recording part of a national debate about privacy. we link in surveillance nation. from security systems to smartphone images cameras are everywhere capturing funny moments and frightening ones. this man, angry his car was being towed opened fire at the tow truck driver. private spaces and public places get harder to find. even when you're on the move.
7:30 am
this bus has one exterior camera watching passengers get on. that camera turns on as soon as the doors open. there are six more cameras inside that see everything but this is what's new. listen to the sound of my voice. these cameras also hear everything and that is the controversy. >> it's wonderful to be able to have that audio and video component. >> reporter: brian marshall is the ceo of c.a.t.s. the transit system in baton rouge louisiana. in 2007 they installed cameras and microphones in all 60 buses hoping to improve safety and behavior. signs warn 10,000 daily riders they're being watched. >> just as you're looking out for your own well being, we're looking at your well being in real-time. >> reporter: marshall believes the surveillance system has worked. in the last two years c.a.t.s. has only had one fight, two work
7:31 am
men's comps, passengers' complaints fell 80%. why? it's hard to cheat. this woman drop heard cell phone, she sued for unsafe driving she lost her case. 30,000 kids ride the bus to houston's public schools. by next summer everybody bus will have seven cameras. >> they all have camera systems. >> right. >> reporter: jim mays works for safety seasons in houston which installs the cameras. >> everything is in public space. that is the debate. >> reporter: especially when cameras have microphones. >> the question is whether you want to turn them on or turn them off. >> reporter: >> that's the debate. it comes down to. >> reporter: what you want. >> exactly. >> reporter: when people report what you're saying and what you talk about it's a very
7:32 am
intrusive thing. >> reporter: he has big brother concerned. >> you should be able to have a private conversation out of ear shot or the bus driver or anybody else. we don't want the government recording all of our conversations just because it's cheap and easy. >> reporter: more worry about their safety and private. >> if you want to keep it make it private if you want to make it public you're on a public bus so it can be heard. >> reporter: some systems keeps the systems up for six months. c.a.t.s. for all to two weeks. >> what you're saying is there's nobody sitting around monitoring everybody's conversation. >> not at all. we don't have that kind of time or interest to monitor. >> reporter: that's not good enough for privacy
7:33 am
this camera system. charlie and norah? >> you know the interesting question is what do they do with the information and who has access to it? >> right. the state or federal government. we know what it's like to have a live mike on. sometimes it can be dangerous. all right. now to this story. a man who thought he had nothing to fear by openly selling marijuana, he could soon be going to prison. plus were you really hearing beyonce singing the "national anthem" on inauguration day. why some have a sinking feeling about her performance. and tomorrow morning a cooking competition that an american could take by storm.
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sorry, obama. your class warfare isn't going to work. stuart varney knows the reason why. >> along come this show "downton abbey," rich people problem prus, they're rich generous. they create jobs for heaven's sake. that show is wildly popular which pose as threat to the left, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. yes, it does. the popularity of "downton abbey" proves that america loves rich guys the same way the popularity of breaking bad proves that breaking bad loves -- >> too funny. a federal court yesterday threw out an appeal for three groups that want to make
7:39 am
marijuana legal. the decision could mean prison for a supplier who thought he was playing by the rules. >> reporter: matt davies' tv commercials made no secret he was selling marijuana through his dispensary. >> not the kind of thing that a criminal does. >> i should say not. >> reporter: davies says his medizen dispensary had all the requirement requirements. >> we had to pay and more. >> reporter: and you were doing that. >> absolutely. that was the whole point. >> reporter: but now the 34-year-old father of two is caught between state law that permits medical marijuana and federal law that declares all marijuana illegal. he's facing federal charges that could put him in prison for years, a prospect that haunts his wife molly. your daughters are how old? >> 18 months and 3 ms. old today.
7:40 am
>> reporter: so if matt wept the prison for five seven -- >> 15 years, yeah. >> reporter: they'd grow up. >> yeah. he never would have gone down this avenue if he had ever for a moment thought that he would be in the trouble with the federal government. >> reporter: dave's troubles began in 2011 after four u.s. attorneys stood together to announce a statewide crackdown on medical marijuana providers. >> people are using the cover of medical marijuana to make extraordinary amounts of money, in short to engage in drug trafficking. >> reporter: four days later police raided the warehouse where prosecutors say dave visa was growing 2,000 marijuana plants. federal prosecutor benjamin wagner declined our interview but described dave visa as one of the most. >> the federal government say this was an operation that had revenue in the millions of dollars and profits in the
7:41 am
hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> monkey math. $50,000 came to me over the course, probably give or take over the course of about a year rich guysourshe ofave visa is aut. fighting theer crg insisting everything he did was legal under california law but that defense may not keep him out of federal prison. >> i'm just thankful my wife is so strong that no matter what happens she'll take great care of our daughters. >> reporter: for
7:42 am
singer beyonce was praised for her amazing performance of the "national anthem" at monday's inaugural ceremony. was she a little too good? is this controversy a little too silly? >> we'll tune in. when "cbs this morning" continues. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain. for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma or other types of cancer, have happened.
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the newest scandal invoefls singing. did beyonce lip sync at monday's inauguration. chip reid takes a closer look. >> reporter: if optics are so important in washington then by that point beyonce's star spangled banner was like bombs bursting through air. ♪ through the perilless fight ♪ >> reporter: o'er the ramparts. some say the superstar was
7:47 am
faking it lip syncing it. kelly clarkson's rep confirms the singer performed it live but it's actually quite common for artists at big events to sing along to a prerecorded track. in fact, during the 1991 super bowl whitney houston did just that. so why do musicians do it? >> it's january, it's cold. instruments might be out of tune. there may be a problem with mikes. they want to make sure if worse comes to worse, there's going to be a good sounding sound coming over the loud speakers going to folks at home. >> reporter: lip sichking is not that hard to do in fact what you're hearing right now is not the sound of my voice here on the national mall. it was recorded back at the cbs studio in a soundproof booth which means i could suddenly stop moving my lips and the sound of my voice would continue on. if the so-called bootylicious
7:48 am
singer did turn to tape she wouldn't be the first. yo-yo ma did the same thing just four years ago, but this being washington beyoncegate may just be heating up. all the single ladies and everybody else can put a ring on that. for "cbs this morning," chip reid, washington. >> nicely written piece, chip. all right, gayle. you're in the green room. >> yes. >> i think this is much ado about nothing. what do you think? >> i totally agree. i'm literally nashing my teeth to powder. i want to chew on the table. everybody who heard it knows her voice, we know she can sing. we don't know the answer to that. and she was singing to her own voice if it was lip sichking. i agree with you. much to do about na ta.da.
7:49 am
nada. >> charlie? >> if she did it, maybe there's a reason to do it. >> okay. all right. >> we'll agree to disagree on that one. >> we'll agree to disagree. exactly. it's a world-famous surfing mecca but only when conditions are ripe and that's not very often. this is a cool story. we'll show you some of the biggest waves a surfer can ride on "cbs this morning." and right now are you getting worried that you're getting cold? it might actually be something else. good morning. in today's "healthwatch," winter allergies. this winter's flu season is shaping up to be the one of the worst but not every sniffle and sneeze signal as coal. it could be allergies. we spend a lot more time indoors in the winter.
7:50 am
so those who suffer from pet dander and dust mites might suffer more. there are some telltale differences. codes like especially the flu tend to be accompanied by fever, fatigue, aches and sore throat where allergies result in a runny nose itchy eyes and sneezing. colds and news usually last ten days. >> wash your hands and face frequently and take hot showers. the steam may relieve your sinus con congestion. try a solution and try over the counter anti-histamines but if your symptoms last more than a week, it's time to check in with your doctor or allergist. i'm dr. holly phillips. >> announcer: cbs healthwatch sponsored by subway. breakfasts for amazingly under 200 calories. ♪ ♪ fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast
7:51 am
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7:54 am
well, well well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. r c-b-s five news >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone.
7:55 am
it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego with your cbs 5 news headlines. oakland city council has approved a hire of bill bratton as consultant for the police. bratton's support of "stop & frisk" programs concern many but city leaders say that practice won't be allowed in oakland. palo alto police are expected to release more information today on an armed robbery downtown. it happened on ramona street shortly before 9 p.m. last night. so far police haven't said anything about the suspect, victim, what was stolen or the weapon used. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:56 am
we are watching a traffic alert on 17 backed up towards los gatos. the accident is northbound 17 approaching idylwild road. it's stacked up until laurel. so for a while all lane were blocked. it looks like they are clearing things to the right-hand shoulder. but expect some delays.
7:57 am
also mass transit notes. we have 10-minute delays from downtown san francisco on the eastbound lines. powell street cable car line is down. bus shuttles are in place. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> we have a lot of clouds outside. starting to see a few more showers showing up. east bay plenty of clouds right now. finally high pressure breaking down and headed east allowing the storm track to move back to the bay area. high-def doppler radar is picking up rain in the north bay toward santa rosa. we'll see more of that on and off toward the afternoon. i think it will be picking up then. temperatures going to be in the 50s and 60s not a huge storm but opens the door now. things unsettled through the morning and showers over the weekend.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning to you. it's 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the freeze is on. we'll show you just how low it's going to go as the cold widens its grip. and women who took on grief and took back their lives. you'll meet the saturday night widows. but first here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> over the last couple of days temperatures have dropped about 20 degrease below normal. >> the coldest air has moved just to the east this morning. it's across the northeast. after giving chicago it's first subzero low yesterday in over 700 days. >> senator clinton is answering questions for the first time in public about why officials defied request for additional security at the benghazi compound. >> i take responsibility. i'm determined to leave our state department our country safer, stronger and more secure.
8:00 am
>> be republicans want to freeze lawmakers pay. >> this bus has audio and video. there's a debate about privacy. >> we know what it's like to have a live mic on. were you really hearing beyonce sing the "national anthem" on inauguration day. >> lip syncing is not that hard to do. i can simply stop moving my lips and the southern of my voice will continue on. >> we don't know the answer to that for sure. much ado about nada. in this clip you see boehner saying something to the president and he taps the first lady. watch her roll her eyes there. he's she's even acting like a girl with bangs now. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. for the fourth day in a row the midwest is suffering with dangerous cold temperatures. >> take a look across the country. 30 below in northern minnesota.
8:01 am
19 below in northern maine. all part of this arctic air mass with its singing subzero windchill moving east. and the low temperatures are expected to last until the weekend. dean reynolds is braving and we do mean braving the numbing cold in minneapolis. dean, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, gayle, charlie, and norah. well, it is 7 degrees now in minneapolis, but i wouldn't break out the hawaiian shirts just yet. it's not expected to get much warmer than that. we're seeing snow heavy lake-effect snow in ohio and in upstate new york this morning as well. and as you say, these cold conditions are expected to persist into the weekend over much of the eastern half of the country. that makes it miserable for those whose jobs it is to stay outdoors like these firemen you see battling this blaze on the
8:02 am
south side of chicago this morning. charlie, norah, gayle? >> dean reynolds, wow. it makes me so cold i want to put sleeves on. meteorologist mike augustyniak of our minneapolis affiliate station says the northeast may have more to worry about than just the frigid temperatures. mike, good morning. >> good morning. the coldest air is over more than the great lakes. we're talking about 7 below in burlington and 11 below in washington, d.c. washington, d.c. with factored in the wind chill it feels like 7. minnesota 28. it's no better in detroit or pittsburgh and it's not going to be any better tomorrow. the jet stream has dropped down from canada. the really cold stuff has settled in, and even though we are going to get a break, it's not going to be until the weekend that we get that break. and as it happens, the mid-atlantic up to boston could be dealing with some snow. it's not a sure thing yet, but if the storm does materialize it could be a few inches to a half
8:03 am
foot, again coming in friday night to early saturday. >> all right. thanks. now we know what to expect. new developments in the case of those trouble metal hip implants. the devices were recalled two years ago after many failed much sooner than expected. newly revealed court record shoes that the maker johnson and johnson estimated the implant would fail in five years for nearly 40% of patients. those patients are now suing. >> a new warning for older people. the hospital visit itself may cause new health problems that would cause people to be readmitted. nearly one in five hospitalized medicare patients are infected. among readmitted patients initially diagnosed with a heart attack came back with a different problem. so did 70% of pneumonia patients and 65% of the heart failure patients. >> that's why they say you don't want to end up in the hospital in the first place because you can get sick just being there. and the house is expected to vote this morning to extend the
8:04 am
debt limit to may. for now the republicans are giving up on their demand as a debt limit increase go hand in hand with spending cuts. >> as the speaker said our conference will look to vote on the measure tomorrow. that will temporarily extend the debt ceiling. it's about time we come together, do our work. the american people expect no less. >> as i said, the bill still has to overcome some concerns expressed by members of the house and the senate before it can pass both chambers and reach the president's desk. if it does and reaches the president's desk, he would not stand in the way of the bill's becoming law. >> a republican sponsored debt limit measure requires both the house and the senate to pass a budget bill by april. the u.s. military commander in afghanistan has been cleared of allegations of misconduct. general john allen was accused of sending inappropriate e-mails to a civilian in florida. jill kelley was her name. a complaint by kelley exposed the sex scandal that forced cia
8:05 am
director general petraeus to resign. kelley and her husband wrote in "the washington post" they were harassed after their names were made public. when the scandal broke, allen's nomination to become the commander of nato forces was put on hold. the white house has not decided whether to go ahead with allen's nomination. before the white house moves forward with the business of the second term, there was one last inaugural ball. last night it was the staff ball where president obama and first lady michelle thanked thousands of aides and campaign staffers. lady gaga and tony bennett performed. britain's prince harry's family is facing fallout. after his controversial comments about his duty in afghanistan. in an interview this week he suggested he was good at his job as helicopter co-pilot because of his experience with xbox and play station. a taliban spokesperson called
8:06 am
harry a coward who doesn't understand that this is a serious and historic yard. the scotland yard says his comments may put the prince in new danger and they're now reviewing his security. >> new york city apartments are often known for being a very tight fit but take a look at this. the tiny studio apartments that only measure up to 370 square feet. that's litty bitty. it's part of a pilot program to build efficient housing for a growing population. rent starts at $940 a month. nothing little bitty about that. the features include fold-down bed, foldaway furniture and built in storage units. >> to a very big serve at the australian open. two big. in a quarterfinal yesterday, a serve was sent into the stands. later joked she wanted to have good communications with the fans. despite the blooper served she won the match, 7-5, 6-3. >> and today in a stunning upset
8:07 am
at the open serena williams was knocked out. she missed a return and took it out on the rabt. on match point she lost it. sloane stephens the win and her first grand slam and a trip to the semifinals. >> first glam -- grand slam. >> we'll get a new
8:08 am
>> we've got something that you've never seen before. giant squid. we'll show you how scientists got up close and personal with a giant squid on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's eye opener at 8:00 brought to you by our sponsor with the inside story on shingles. or with an eye yoeper on shingles. d the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl...
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the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ at 12:30 paris time today, january 23 1973 the agreement on ending the war and restoring peace in vietnam was initialed by dr. henry kissinger on behalf of the united states and special adviser on the democratic republic of vietnam. the agreement will be formally signed by the parties participating a paris conference on vietnam on january 27 1973 at the international conference center in paris. >> president nixon on this day in 1973 announcing the end of
8:13 am
the u.s. involvement in vietnam war. under the paris peace accord u.s. forces with drew from south vietnam and prisoners were exchanged. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we have a story of hope overcoming heartbreak. you'll meet a group of young widows who learned to rebuild their lives and bring fun back in their lives. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by mercedes-benz. experience truly great engineering today at your authorized dealer. authorized dealer. as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you as a true leader. ♪ ♪ to hold over 80,000... well, that would make you... the creators of the 2013 mercedes-benz e-class... quite possibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial
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butter, olive oil, herbs and spices... so dinner really sizzles. it's one step, no prep. and so good, they'll ask for more. and that little victory is a pretty big deal. land o'lakes® sauté express®. find it in the dairy aisle. when becky aikman's husband died of cancer, she was in aikman's new memoir "saturday
8:17 am
night widows" chronicles six women who came together to start over. lee woodruff has their story. >> to all of us. >> reporter: these women are all member of the same club determined to remake their lives, they set out on a year-long adventure. meet the "saturday night widows. "tara, leslie denise dawn, and their leader becky. >> i wanted to look forward, i wanted some practical help on,000 change my life and make it good again, and didn't think that a sad group was going to accomplish that. >> reporter: after being kicked out of traditional focus group for wanting to focus on her future and not just her loss becky aikman decided to start one of her own, one with less talk, less gloom, and more doing. >> the way becky had presented it was you know, we want to do it better, and we want to do it different. i thought this was a fabulous opportunity. >> reporter: they all lost their husbands as a relatively young
8:18 am
age and with so much of their life ahead of them they focused a group of moving forward. they were off. each month, a different ticket. cooked, went to the spa, took a museum tour and, yes, went shopping for lingerie. talk to me about the lingerie expeditions. >> it was happy and fun. >> reporter: how much did that do for your psyches to just feel beautiful in that way that a woman does when she's loving a man but you were doing it for yourself. >> it felt great. >> yeah. >> it was a fabulous feeling. >> reporter: by laughing together and sharing experiences, they proved that widows don't have to be sad all the time or feel guilty for being happy. >> well, i think you can be judged, you know if you're too happy, and they think, oh she must not have loved her husband. you have to do things that make you happy. >> reporter: and they did, but
8:19 am
there were tough moments. >> when the old feelings come up, the sadness and the grief, which id did, you know it was brief, but having someone that totally understand you and understand that, the whole concept, it was very freeing. >> reporter: one of the rules was nothing was off limits. these shared intimacyies created life-long bonds and iech of the women say their time together changed them in profound and unexpected way. who are you now having come through this experience and how has it forged you? >> i feel like i have a family. i have a family of sisters that i can say anything to and they'll be my friends forever, they know my deepest darkest secrets. they even seen the worst of me. >> i think for me i wasn't really sure of who i really was, and now i really like who i am, and it's a pretty cool feeling. >> well, i think this has made
8:20 am
me feel brave in the eyes of others because people say i can't believe you would share your story like that and i think how could i not share it. >> going forward with this kind of courage makes it just a brighter future. >> and lee woodruff is here. i'm so struck by their ages. you don't expect the word "widow" with someone of that age. it like that it's okay to feel happy and not guilty. >> there's a culture of wearing blare all the time. they wanted to dispel that and show other people what's possible when the unexpected happens. >> do they still meet regularly? >> they don't meet regularly. they took a big trip to morocco and becky was bummed when "sex and the city" took a trip to morocco. >> buying lingerie was a good
8:21 am
story. >> i geel with you guys any time. it sounded like quite a fun trip. >> and did anyone get remarried? >> becky is remarried and dawn's about to get remarried so they're all involved in her wedding. >> great piece. we wish her well. >> and it's a great book great read. >> thank you, lee. >> lee thank you. and ben tracy takes us on a wet and wild ride in california. >> reporter: surfers have been waiting three years for these waves to roll in. [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service now's a great time to get at&t u-verse tv. make the switch. [ female announcer ] call now to get at&t u-verse tv for only $29 a month
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8:23 am
griego with yo >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald
8:24 am
good morning, everyone. it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego with your cbs 5 news headlines. a couple of old christmas trees are to blame for a fire at an apartment building on oak street in san francisco overnight. firefighters say the trees caught fire and flames spread along an outside wall of the building. the fire was put out within an hour. no one was injured. oakland city council has approved a hire of bill bratton as a consultant for the police department. bratton's support of "stop & frisk" programs concern many but city leaders say that practice will not be allowed in oakland. allegations of sexual abuse against 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree appears to have holes. a woman is accusing crabtree of assaulting her at the "w" hotel the night after the 9ers defeated the packers in a play- off game. investigators say there were two other women present at the time in question. those witnesses say crabtree didn't assault anyone. stay with us, traffic and weather coming up.
8:25 am
8:26 am
raymond good morning. looks like we have a mini traffic jam now in novato southbound one approaching ygnacio boulevard. an accident blocking one right lane stacked up beyond 37. outside a live look at the nimitz. just kind of stop and go. this is your usual commuter traffic in the northbound lanes between 238 and the maze slow through downtown oakland and bay bridge, traffic completely thinned out.
8:27 am
metering lights are on but no delay right now heading into san francisco. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> plenty of clouds this morning, not as cold outside. rain, yeah, we're seeing a couple of raindrops around the bay area. dry into san jose. but maybe a few raindrops later on today. the clouds have rolled back in. the whole weather pattern is changing now. you can see the showers showing up in parts of the north bay, so far it has been fairly light. but i think we'll see that on and off especially in toward the afternoon. highs today in the 50s and the low 60s. think a better chance of rain toward the afternoon hours. and then as we look out over the next couple of days maybe lingering showers early tomorrow morning. and then we'll catch a break thursday afternoon with some partly cloudy skies into friday and saturday. a much colder storm expected the latter part of the weekend.
8:28 am
welcome back to "cbs this
8:29 am
morning," coming up this half hour, it's a surfer's dream. we'll take you to the maverick competition where the waves are big and the surfers are fearless. plus oscar winning director kathryn bigelow is here with the controversy surrounding her film "zero dark thirty." time now to show you headlines around the worlds. north korea says its nuclear program is no longer negotiable reports "the new york times." it may conduct its third nuclear tester to retaliate against the u.n. tightening u.s. sanctions. the "chicago tribune" reports phil mickelson has apologized on his comment about taxes. mickelson said he was considering changes because of the spike in federal and state taxes in california. mickelson said he should have kept his thoughts to himself. "the times-picayune" reports that new orleans saints sean payton has been reinstated. he received a season-long suspension after his team was charged for putting bounties on
8:30 am
the heads of players. "the huffington post" reports that the wholesale price of chicken wings will hit a record during super bowl sunday. the cost of one pound of frozen chicken wings in retail supermarkets was $2.52 on average this month. that's up 55 cents from the same time last year. i like my chicken wings. >> i was going to say chicken wings and a little bleu cheese and a carrot stick. you want to come to my house. right charlie? >> the san diego tribune says peter rob ins, the voice of the animated charlie brown was arrested and scheduled to be arraigned today. rob ins, 56 is charged with four felony counts of making a threat to cause death or great bodily injury and one felony count of stalking. >> the los angeles times says obama isn't ruling out legislation on climate control. he's expected to use authority initially to avoid another fight with congress.
8:31 am
for the first time scientists have captured images of the mysterious giant squid in their natural habitat. this is incredible. look at this video. it was captured off the coast of japan. you can see more of it sunday night on the discovery channel. edy is one of those involved in the expedition. good morning doctor, how are you? >> i'm very good. >> this is incredible. explain how hard it is to get pictures of the giant squid? >> we've been trying for a very long time. it's really been since the mid 13th century that people have been talking about this enigma. in the last 50 years there have been a number of expeditions to go look but none have succeeded until this. >> why is this? why is it hard? >> we were exploring in a different way than before. in the past, we've been scaring animals away. we used a red light that they can't see and an optical lure to draw them in toward us.
8:32 am
>> i have to say doctor, i was the one in the meeting going, really, we're doing a story about a giant squid because? you said this is really amazing stuff. you were clearly excited about it. why? >> it's been said we know more about the moon's behind than the ocean's bottom and we've only explored 5% of our ocean. look what's down there. and we haven't been doing it right. >> just the size of these squid, 25 feet long, some even bigger. we know so little about them. there's such mythology surrounding giant squids. we were talking about it this morning that their eyes are about the size of a soccer ball. or are they bigger than that? >> the size of your head. >> wow. do you see how big my head is? >> oh, my god. >> and you said they can eat buildings, that they can eat people. >> well that was the mythology, that they could eat people. >> that's an untruth? >> no, definitely not.
8:33 am
we don't know a lot but we're pretty sure about that. they eat other squid to a large extent, and fish. >> back to your question about the moon, we know more about the backside of the moon than the deepest. what are they going to find and what's the exploration about? >> we know so little. we've only explored 5%. there could be cures for cancer. the nobel prize in 2008 was awarded for a chemical extracted from a jellyfish and that's been equated to the invention of the microscope in terms of the impact it's had on science. so how do we even know? and we've spent billions exploring outer space and only millions on exploring the deep ocean. >> and the payoff may be even greater. >> huge. >> you talk about that. only 5% of our ocean explored. how many giant squid are estimated out there? do we have any sense? >> actually we do based on the beak. the giant squid is a cool creature that has a parrot-like beak that can rip flesh and they
8:34 am
have bellies of whales and base on that, there could be millions. >> how does this change technology moving forward, do you think? >> i think there will always be discoveries as long as we have the opportunity to go out with ships and submersibles. unfortunately, we're switching more and more to remote operated vehicles which i think do scare the animals away. but the submersibles and cameras are unobtrusive and may allow us to see more. >> had may be a stupid question. are there squids in aquariums? >> there are squids in aquariums but not giant squids. >> makes you feel different about calamari next time. >> i'm hoping they think more about the ocean. >> you're thinking ocean, i'm thinking calamari. >> it's so fascinating, doctor. thank you so much. good luck with all of your work. >> monster squid, the giant is real. airs this sunday on the discovery channel.
8:35 am
it's the season finale of the series "curiosity." >> the biggest waves only show up when the perfect combination of wind and water meet. ben tracy takes us to the mavericks. ♪ i will wait i will wait for you ♪ >> reporter: it took three agonizing years but the perfect wave finally rolled in. those hoping to catch a ride rolled out. this is mavericks, a surf break off the coast of half moon bay, california. it draws big wave surfers who live to tame wild walls of water. >> as far as big waves go, this is one of the most perfect waves in the world. >> reporter: yet colin dwyer has also been shredded by mavericks. >> it's like throwing yourself in a washing machine. it's insane how violent it is. i've had times where i fell and was getting tumbled around, and it felt like i was kissing my
8:36 am
elbows, licking my heels, everything. >> reporter: kwh the ocean rises to the occasion organizers rush to put on the mavericks invitational. surfers scramble to show up. this year they got 72 hours' notice. >> the further effort surfer who got notice of this event came from cape town and said, i'm coming, bro. that's awesome. >> thank the heavens for this beautiful day. >> jeff clark started the mavericks competition in 1999. it was last held in 2010 when the waves were 50 feet tall. he forecast this year's swell using weather and wave models. >> how did you know those waves were coming? >> typically what do you is follow the storm, the storm generates the swell and once the swell sets up it radiates the storm for two, three, four days.
8:37 am
>> reporter: the swell came from the massive storm churning off the coast of japan churning three, four miles away. hurricane force winds produced 60-foot high waves aimed right at mavericks. you know these waves are coming but how do you know how high they're going to be? >> the swell will decay at a specified rate. you can estimate pretty accurately how big they're going to be to when it gets here within six inches and calculate how soon it's going to get here within a couple of hours. >> they break within a half mile off shore because of a unique underwater ground formation. they're irresistible to surfers because they can be as high as 40 feet tall. >> some irrational obsession. i don't know what it is. we loved it. it's so fun. >> reporter: grant washburn has competed here eight times. the water temp is 50 degrees, you have rocks, you could drown, and you have sharps. >> yes. >> reporter: but it's still a lot of fun. >> the surf is so intense we could get hit by a surfboard or
8:38 am
run into each other. >> reporter: those dangers made mavericks infamous. >> one of the best mark foo has downed. sion milosky died as well. brought down by the waves. during the last competition three years ago, a rogue wave waurnd out the grandstand injuring several spec tailors oday day tors. this year the beaches were closed. thanks to dozens of tiny go pro cameras on the surfboards fans got to see every thrill and spillment. it's also a draw for the surfers themselves. >> they all kind of congregate around the computer, the tv and get to laugh and say, oh, my god, i can't believe you made it out of there. >> reporter: it's the closest they'll get to the magic of mavericks until these waves decide to roll back in.
8:39 am
for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, half moon bay, california. >> wow. the people that do that really love it. i look at that and say, i'll just sit and cheer you on. >> what i was struck by is the best in the world have been killed. >> i think it's a pretty swell story. >> ba da bump. >> she thought about that for a long time. >> do you have any more of those? >> i did learn charlie is a surfer. did you know that gayle? >> i said charlie used to surf and surfing now. it's great fun. >> would you want to do that? >> no. >> that's really -- >> no. >> we'll pass. how real is the plot of the movie "zero dark thirty" and should it matter? director kathryn bigelow is here in studio 57, sitting in the green room next to john miller and we'll see what john miller thinks.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
i don't know if you saw this at the inaugural ball. president obama was caught doing some very stiff and awkward dance moves. did you see that? in other words obama is already reaching out to republicans. did you see him when he raised the debt ceiling? did you see that? >> those critical of the film "zero dark thirty" shows torture was an effective tool in finding osama bin laden. kathryn bigelow argues her right to create art and speak her conscience is protected by the first amendment. kathryn bigelow is here along with senior cbs correspondent and former assistant to the cia director john miller. welcome back. >> thank you. >> what do you say in a sense to make clear what this film was for you and what you were doing
8:43 am
as an artist? >> well good question. the film now that it's in wide release and has been pretty generally embraced by audiences, there seems to be a question about what i personally felt about the movie. the movie has some, you know difficult sequences at the beginning and then of course it goes through a lot of very ingenious detective work and then as a result of that there's the encounter. torture was reprehensible. this was a ten-year hunt compressed into 2 1/2 hours. it is, however, a movie. i want to make it clear. it's a movie, not a documentary. >> was torture part of finding osama bin laden? >> i think it's not debatable that the detainee program was part of the early years right after 9/11 and then it was no longer utilized and there are many tactics used in finding mr.
8:44 am
bin laden. i think you're an expert on that, but there were electronic track and trace, good old-fashioned boots on the ground sleuthing and there were many things utilized. could they have found him without the detainee program? i don't know. i'm not an expert. i think it will be debated for years and years. >> john you say it was extraordinarily a portrayal. >> what i meant, accident know what to expect going in. but i had also sat through the classified briefings on what led to finding osama bin laden and in that regard the film had really captured that story. the torture stuff was -- most of that was at the beginning of the film, but the part that i -- the part of the story i thought it really captured was the incredible ten-year arc, this effort, and all the little pieces that came together to
8:45 am
find that compound there. it's mixed with what the military did, some of what the cia did, and kind of again, you're looking at a decade worth of stuff that's cobbled together in a few scenes. the film is a document but it's not a documentary. >> what do you think about the criticism? >> i think everybody's trying to cherry pick. i read all this carefully. everybody is trying to cherry pick and say the movie either supports it or goes against it. this is one of those times where you have to say it's a great story but it's just a story. it's not a documentary. >> do you think the controversy cost you the nomination. jessica chastain said she could not have gotten the performance she did without your direction. she said it was a shot to her heart. >> i don't know. it's hard to say. but i feel gratified to be part of a community who has made pretty extraordinary films about
8:46 am
tough subjects especially war. you look at "apock liz now," "deer hunters." these are strong films, strong criticisms and a strong community that's extremely creative. >> were you hurt by the fact you were not? some feel you were snubbed. i wonder how you feel about it. it stands to reason the director would be nominated i thing it's gratifying just the film being appreciated and honored and the audiences are embracing it. to be honest it was only a couple of years ago i was standing on the stage with "the hurt locker," so that might have something to do with it as well. >> do you feel the need to be heard so people understand you as an artist? >> i think it's interesting. i think the film exists in this kind of intersection between art and journal it. . this story was not really reported on until we decided to report on the story.
8:47 am
it didn't exist in books and articles and there wasn't a time line out there, so we needed to do some reporting. we need dodd some invet gave investigative journalistism. i think it's been a little bit difficult because really you know to remind people that it's a movie and to make sure -- >> it's not a documentary. >> and people understand it. >> the point that john was making. >> exactly? and think if you're mark bolin you prime yourself as the end of journal it. trying to find the story and story-telling that will keep the screenplay compelling and easy enough to follow and then you find yourself -- they're talking about subpoenaing you to congressional committees to ask you who were your source and what are they telling you and suddenly you ooher whipsawed having to protect sources and being a screen writer trying to telling a story. not many screen writers find
8:48 am
themselves there. >> thank you, kathryn bigelow and john miller. our newest book in the "cbs this morning" reads library, we'll tell you right after the break.
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8:50 am
we have a new selection that let use get involved with reads and authors online. the book is "let it go [ speaking french ] forgive so you can be forgiven." it's published by simon and schuster which is a division of cbs. >> t.d. jacques will be here next tuesday to kick things off and share the art of forgiveness but this morning we're introducing you to the book and author online so you can look for upcoming authors online and
8:51 am
chapter notes and give aways. it's all on someone at the table is 39. >> she's great athlete. i'm 39. she's great athlete, plays golf runs every day, so this will take -- all these sensors will tell you what your body is telling you. >> how fit i am? >> happy birthday. >> i love the wrapping job. you spent so much time. >> it shows whau you can do at the apple store at 5:00 in the morning. >> it's great thing. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> that does it for us. up next your local news. we'll see you tomorrow monning on "cbs this morning."
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8:53 am
griego, with your c-b-s five headlines... >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone.
8:54 am
it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego with your cbs 5 headlines. a north bay congressman holds a hearing on gun violence in washington this afternoon. democrat mike thompson chairs the congressional gun violence prevention task force. the hearing today is to consider possible options for reducing gun violence while preserving second amendment rights. the san jose sharks set a team record with 6 goals in one period on the road. the sharks won at edmonton 6-3 last night. they are 2-0 now with their home opener tomorrow night against the phoenix coyotes. and crews spent this morning testing new l.e.d. lights on the bay bridge as part of the bay lights art project. the 25,000 l.e.d. lies are being installed and tested in stages. the computer-controlled light show starts in march and will run for two years to mark the bridge's 75th anniversary. >> and now here's lawrence with the forecast. >> alreadystorm clouds returning, high pressure
8:55 am
heading east, rain today. be prepared for that. mount vaca showing you plenty of clouds outside. we have seen some light showers so far in the north bay. our high-def doppler radar is picking up on some of that activity is light, on and off especially in the afternoon. that will spread east and further south so keep the umbrella handy today. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. the storm system opening the door, maybe leftover showers early tomorrow morning, then dry on friday and saturday, chance of showers on sunday. we'll check out your "timesaver traffic" coming up next. nd clearance is ending soon. for a short time save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly-recommended bed in ame at closeout prices. plus, get interest-free financing and free same-day delivery. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance is ending soon. superior service best selection lowest price guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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8:59 am
>> rachael: yeah! and makes surprising confession about her life with nick and camden. >> i think they are supposed to eat several times and it doesn't stop. >> rachael: then... >> you have to admit it makes it look tidier. >> rachael: peter walsh is taking top organizing tips from his house to yours. >> if you have earrings get a button -- >> rachael: shut the door. >> shut the front door. >> rachael: everything in my office tells a story and means something to me. it is my home away from home. i call him herb the hooter. [cheers and applause] dwchl >> rachael: hey, everybody, welcome welcome, welcome. so today we're going to be


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